Here is a little background information about the numbers:

This Welsh local authority data is made publicly available in September, six months after the year end to which it applies, and for education data this means over twelve months after the period to which it applies. The most recently published data is therefore between six and sometimes almost twenty four months old. 

National Strategic Indicators (NSIs) are used to measure the performance of local authorities at a national level and focus on key strategic priorities. They are collected by each local authority and a sample of the indicators were audited by the Wales Audit Office up to 2012-13. Each indicator is aligned to one or more of the Welsh Government's strategic priorities, and they have been chosen for their focus on outcomes.

Local authorities are legally obliged to collect and publish data for each of the NSIs. Welsh Ministers have the power to set performance indicators and standards for Welsh local authorities, with the current set specified in the Local Government (Performance Indicators and Standards) (Wales) Order 2012. Local authorities also use these performance indicators, along with other indicators that they choose to use and a wider range of information, in order to plan and deliver improved services.

The data were supplied to the Data Collection team within the Welsh Government by the 22 local authorities in Wales on form NSI. The form applies an extensive series of validation checks to ensure that the information provided is accurate and consistent. Since 2010-11 the NSI dataset has been collected directly by the Welsh Government. Data for 2009-10 and prior years were collected by the Data Unit - Wales on behalf of the Welsh Government, and the historic dataset is available from the Data Unit Wales website.

You can see the raw data on this site:

On occasions, for various reasons, data is not deemed robust enough and is therefore qualified by the Wales Audit Office. This data is included in the table. However, it is clearly labelled and users should be aware of this when using the data.


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