Comparing Performance Across Wales for Better Public Services

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It shows the capabilities of the InPhase OpenData PORTAL.

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Welcome to a special web site, created by INPHASE for the Citizens of Wales.

Here you can see new ways of viewing the relative performance of your Local Authority and it's key areas of service delivery.

The measures and cards showing the performance of each Authority are not for once based on published national or local targets, but instead, they are derived directly from the data.

This means that you can easily compare one Authority against another looking at relative performance.

For those interested in the performance banding details, we set the mean of the values across all local authorities as the target  or goal, in other words we have set the target level for an individual authority to be no worse  than the average  of all welsh local authorities, and then categorised the authority as succeeding if they are in the the top third, on track or meeting target if they are in the middle third and needing improvement if they are in the bottom third of authorities for performance on that measure.

The local authority actual data has come directly from here with a useful update around all wales performance here .

Please note that some local authorities will have different local targets and goals and these are not represented on this comparative performance web site. 



Would you like to know the relative performance of your Local Authority when it comes to the performance of schools in your area?


Childrens Services

Perhaps one of the most important functions of any Local Authority is to ensure care for our young people that need some extra help and support. How does your Authority perform relative to others in Wales?


Adult Services

Looking after us as we grow older is an essential function of your Local Authority. Is yours better or worse that others?



Provisioning housing services to the needy is an essential part of Local Authority responsibility. Is your Authority better than others?


Public Services

Fly tipping, libraries. leisure and landfill effect many of us each day. how does your Authority compare when it comes to clearing up our streets?